But we will not choke, still wide to be, by their express their views, because, do not block the channel, will have a wonderful language, have innovative ideas.
The people of innovation, and sometimes highlight the personality of the people. Innovative consciousness, and sometimes flashed in the Lengtou Qing Zhang Yang. Today's manifestation, is a unique day; today's rebellion, is tomorrow's not downs. "Everything is great," Muhsin said. "All are rebellious.
Like Huang Zunxian wrote poetry: "I handwriting my mouth, how can the ancient arrest." His innovation, inevitably ridiculed, but he does not care. The former yixuan Zen master, others say he does not say, more and more he is wild Fox Chan, was scolded out, it is not miserable. Is the so-called "all the way around the world, no one knows, foes from slander." Rinzai after a case, the pulse of the longest continuation. Ma was lobbying around, depicting the vision of online shopping, but also ran into a wall, looks more like a crooked melon split jujube joke. A consistent hard, inventive really difficult. Their personality, rebellion, is the initial reflection of innovation, however, failed to cultivate before, just alternative.
Therefore, the call for innovation, may wish to respect the personality, and even respect for a bias start. Qian said that if we can not embrace prejudice, anytime, anywhere must be objective and fair, serious, it is like building only living room, no bedroom, and in the bathroom, like a mirror had to make The posture of the camera head. Russell also said, "knowledge of mixed polymorphism, but the origin of happiness." Thousands of people side, always keep a posture really boring. "A Dream of Red Mansions" Qingwen was expelled from the Jia Fu, Mrs. Wang back to the Jia mother seems to be without doubt, said: "You can see, there are abilities and hanging crooked, innovation and personality, Always go hand in hand. So, why bite a face?
However, we see how many standards of the law-abiding, stifle the personality, but also stifle innovation. Wang Guowei in the "world words", said: social habits, to kill many good people; literary habits, to kill many of the genius. How many edges and corners of the epigenetic worn in line with the so-called rules, few original, no innovation, the wind blows, echoes. Gong Zizhen poem that "eclectic down talent", this poem is still not out of date. Some people have criticized the young people today, dreary, there is no vitality, criticism was right, but what is the environment to promote young people thriving vibrant increasingly thin, more questionable. Otherwise, the future of the young people still bleak.
I really like the lines. "The world belongs to young people, young people to succeed, may wish to give them a chance to it, do not want to give him a chance to give them a chance, Highlight the personality, innovation, by their rebellion to the king.

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